— Business Model and Use Case!

Use case

Amelia is a single woman. She is actively looking to date someone but she is tired of the fuccbois approaching her. Amelia’s friend James recommend her She joins VLC bigheartedly. The first step she follows is to create her profile and upload a nice picture of herself. She is then asked to fill out the KYC questionnaire. She registers herself as single, and straight. She further sets her expectations to casual dating initially to serious dating. VLC verifies her relationship status and add her information. VLC now send suggestions only from straight men.

Business Model business model is based on the automatic amplified yield aggregation on this network. Apart from simple dating structure, VL also offers its users a chance to earn passive income through yield aggregation. The yield generation framework proposes certain liquidity pools for our users for facilitation and personalization

Pool 1 (LOVE pool)

LOVE pool is for couples; it offers 1000% APY for couples to lock their funds together. After the maturity period of the pool, they can collect their funds.

Pool 2 (Single pool)

The single pool is confined to single people only this pool offers and extra bounty for single to cherish them. Single pool offers 1100% APY

Pool 3 (Valentine pool)

The Valentine pool offers a special profit rate for couples on 14th Feb. Couples can lock their funds together in return of 1500% APY.

Other Reward structure

Other business structures include AI integration to customize user experience.

Operation incentivize

VLC has incentivized different operation on the VLC network. Users can earn LOVE points on the app through right swiping other users.


Referrals include suggestions. Users can refer their friends to other friends. If different users share a chain of connections in setting up a couple then all members of the chain are rewarded with referral coins

Tokenized memories has an exciting feature of tokenizing memories. Couple can save their memories in form of NFTs.


Couples can also send a receive gifts in form of NFTs. Moreover, on important occasions like date nights, anniversary, birthdays, VLC sends personalized wishing NFT cards for couples on the network.


  • Total supply: 15,000 VLC
  • Seed Funds 900 $VLC 6%
  • Pre-sale: 4500 $VLC 30%
  • Liquidity: 3000 $VLC 20%
  • Staking Pool: 3300 $VLC 22%

a) Single Pool 10%
b) Love Pool 6%
c) Valentine Pool 6%

  • Advisory Funds: 600 $VLC 4%
  • Treasury Funds: 1050 $VLC 7%
  • Strategic Partnership: 525 $VLC 3.5%
  • Foundation Funds 750 $VLC 5%
  • Dev Team Funds: 525 $VLC 3.5%


  1. How do I use
    You can begin with creating your profile on VLC, followed by wallet connection, and finally customization of your search.
  2. What is my chance of finding a partner on VLC?
    There are a total of 7.9 billion people in the world, your chance of finding one is exactly 7.9 billion percent. Feel free to explore your options.
  3. I’m just looking for casual dating, what do I do?
    VLC has a questionnaire in KYC which asks for information regarding sexualities, interests, marital status and commitment types.
  4. Can we stay just friends?
    Well that depends upon you and your partner. But VLC provides you options for FRIENDSHIPS AND RELATIONSHIPS. You can add members in different zones
  5. How Can I earn?
    You can earn through our LOVE pools with different relationship duration (locking time) and different APY for each pool.

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-- is a decentralized dating application for singles actively trying to mingle.

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